Sprinter Van Interiors

Esplori provides full Sprinter van conversions with “functional comfort” as our goal. We enable the active, adventurous lifestyle by giving our customers core functionality with the worry-free quality they need and deserve. Using as many environmentally sourced products as possible, our Sprinter conversions offer a rugged exterior with a rich, comfortable, and useful interior experience.

Our Sprinter van interiors include soundproofing, recycled plastic insulation, and our custom engineered aluminum wall panels and ceiling panels. 40% the weight of traditional plywood and carpet, these panels are recyclable, easy to clean, fireproof, and powder coated (in the color of your choice) to eliminate VOCs.

Sprinter Kitchens

As with our Sprinter van cabinets all of our Sprinter kitchens are built around an extruded aluminum skeleton. Customized to your specific needs, we can add a sink, water, refrigeration, with a range of butcher block countertop options.

Sprinter Van Cabinets

Esplori Sprinter van cabinets are designed with an extruded aluminum skeleton and faced with bamboo using stainless steel hardware. Wheel well boxes, galleys, upper cabinets, and additional customized storage options available. With our custom Spritner cabinets, you’ll improve your usable interior storage, freeing up your Sprinter van exterior for the toys and other goodies. 

Sprinter Fridges

We prefer marine grade compressors in our Sprinter fridges, because you can’t guarantee you’re always going to park on a flat surface. These Sprinter fridges allow you to park at up to a 35 degree angle, perfect for a day at the beach or ski hill. Able to accommodate either door or chest style, we make sure to only use products with CFC-free insulation, better for your family and the environment.

Sprinter Beds

In addition to our Sprinter beds from Smart Beds and Terracamper, we also offer the MOAB from Adventure Wagon. 77” long the MOAB adjusts to the width of the vehicle as it is raised or lowered, providing flexibility for sleeping, seating, and storage.

Sprinter Seats

Esplori knows how difficult it is to find safe and comfortable Sprinter seats, so we are excited to be one of only two NA providers of Smart Beds, a European pull tested, forward facing bench seat with seat belts that converts into a bed. Available in full or ¾ widths, this seat can be mounted to accommodate the layout of your choice. If you choose the Terracamper Sprinter flooring option, you can add moveable bucket seats and a two person seat that converts to a bed, all pull tested Sprinter seats in the US.

Sprinter Flooring

The aluminum Terracamper Sprinter flooring system is pull tested in the US and has configurable track to safely accommodate Sprinter seats and Sprinter van cabinets. We can also install traditional flooring with a fatigue mat layer, marine grade formaldehyde free plywood, finished with COREtec, a LEED certified waterproof vinyl.

Quality Products for your Sprinter Interior

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide the highest quality components and, where unavailable, created our own. We are proud to work with the following manufactuers of products to increase the pleasure you’ll experience inside your Sprinter van conversion.

Our Interior Partners

CLS Fabrication

A Pacific Northwest leader in metal fabrication. CLS produces our custom aluminum wall panels, ceiling panels, and floor trim.

Mac’s Custom Tie Downs

Mounted to the walls and ceiling, we work with Mac’s to provide high quality aluminum track that can be powder coated in whatever color you choose.


A floor specifically pull tested in the USA for the Sprinter. Installed with l-track, this floor enables variable seating configurations. Terracamper offers both bucket seats and a bench seat that converts to a bed, all pull tested in the USA for the Sprinter. Quick release legs for the bucket seats are an option, with variable locations available for all.

Smart Beds

Smart Beds offers European made bench seating that convert to beds up to 77” long, are available in 3/4 and full widths, and have met pull test standards for safety.

Adventure Wagon

The Mother of all Beds (MOAB) from Adventure Wagon is a fantastic solution for those looking for an adjustable sleeping option. Articulating up/down 30”+, these three lightweight panels combine to create a 67”x77” sleeping surface that can be left in place, moved, or removed one at a time.

Esplori Sprinter Cabinets

We are proud to produce our own cabinetry, designed with both the look and strength we want in our own conversions.