Sprinter Electrical

Our approach to Sprinter Van electrical systems is one of simplicity and function. We aim to get our tribe out in the remote places where they can take on new adventures and experience wild places. Lithium batteries are the foundation of every electrical system installed by Esplori. If you never think about your Sprinter van electrical system then we’ve done our job.

Sprinter Batteries

Sprinter batteries are the foundation of any van conversion electrical system and their performance will decide the length of your off-grid adventure. Esplori exclusively uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO) batteries containing an industry leading Battery Management System with low environmental impact. Lithium batteries are ⅓ the weight, 90% recyclable, and last 3x longer than traditional batteries. Using high quality LiFePO batteries means little to no maintenance and exceptional performance with a 10-year life.

Sprinter Solar

Sprinter solar panels allow for off-grid, clean energy charging and help lengthen the life of the battery system. All solar panels are not created equal, and because they are mounted to the exterior of the vehicle they need to be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The solar panels we choose are robustly built, provide high efficiency, and are manufactured in the USA with a 25-year warranty. We integrate our solar controls seamlessly into your Sprinter van interior custom cabinets, crafted on site by the Esplori team. Designed and built so you spend more time enjoying your adventure! 

Sprinter Lighting

Maximizing space and power is the holy grail of van life, so we use low profile LEDs for all of our Sprinter lighting. Taking up almost no headroom and using negligible power we install two zones with dimmer switches.

Sprinter Heating

A true four-season camper van conversion isn’t complete without Sprinter heating provided by an Espar D2 diesel furnace. The Espar D2 easily heats even a 170”, making your adventures that much more comfortable.

Quality Products for your Sprinter Electrical

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide the highest quality components and, where unavailable, created our own. We are proud to work with the following manufactuers of products to increase the pleasure you’ll experience with your Sprinter van conversion, and its electrical upgrades.

Our Sprinter Electrical Partners

Dragonfly Energy

When we started looking for batteries, we required exceptional quality lithium batteries from a company that could support and commit to doing the right thing. Dragonfly Energy, a USA based company, was exactly what we were looking for, and they continue to be a great partner for Esplori and our customers.

REDARC Electronics

REDARC Electronics has been making products for the harsh overland conditions in Australia for over 40 years. Their high-quality products, great customer support, and commitment to sustainably in the form of a 140-megawatt hour solar array to power their production facility, make them a great partner for Esplori.

Zamp Solar

Zamp was founded in Bend, Oregon with a vision of making the highest quality, most innovative, off-grid solar products on the market so people could dream bigger, go further, and stay out longer. They continue to make the highest quality solar panels in the industry and their location gives us a great local partner. The reduction in transportation costs results in a lower environmental impact and faster delivery.


There are several great manufacturers of charger/inverters. However, when we looked at value, reliability, and customer support Xantrex was the clear winner. Their inverters are 91% efficient and highly reliable with charging profiles designed to get the most out of our lithium battery systems. After 30-years of design, engineering, and manufacturing they continue to innovate and provide the greatest value to our customers.


The undisputed quality leader in transportation heating solutions, the Espar plugs directly into the Sprinter fuel tank and can raise the internal temperature of your Sprinter 10 degrees in a matter of minutes.