Our Story

Esplori was borne out of a desire to be outside with people we enjoy. The ability and opportunity to leave behind the stress of daily life and truly connect with the outdoors, family, and friends is paramount in our lives.

Esplori means “to explore” and we are passionate about a life full of travel and adventure. We believe spending time exploring brings people together. No matter your adventure, our goal is to help you meet new people and see new places in a comfortable, low-impact vehicle.

Sprinter Van Conversions

Esplori provides full Sprinter van conversions with “functional comfort” as our goal. We enable the active, adventurous lifestyle by giving our customers core functionality with the worry-free quality they need and deserve. Using as many environmentally sourced products as possible, our Sprinter conversions offer a rugged exterior with a rich, comfortable, and useful interior experience.

Quality Sprinter Components

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide the highest quality components and, where unavailable, created our own.


We know we have one world, and that we have a responsibility to the environment and to each other. To this end, we believe in environmental stewardship and do our best to reduce the impact of your Sprinter conversion as much as possible.

Sprinter Delivery

Our favorite part of the process is sending you off in your custom Sprinter, ready to tackle whatever adventure you have in mind.

Customer Service

Driven by our focus on long-term customer relationships and satisfaction, our Sprinter van conversions are designed and assembled with your value and enjoyment in mind.

Van Conversion Cost

We understand both the financial and emotional investment in your conversion, so are committed to working with you to achieve your goals. Our components are the highest quality, so often not the least expensive, but we believe that quality translates to both longevity and ease of use, reducing your cost and increasing your value over the long term.

Our Values


Our “hit the road” attitude inspires us and gives our lives meaning. We believe in encouraging and supporting new and shared journeys that help shape forever memories.


We’re dedicated to doing what’s right, doing it thoroughly, and doing it well. Always professional and conscientious, our customers can trust us to deliver the highest quality products and services.


Driven to be as environmentally conscious as possible, we continually test and evaluate new components to ensure the overall product is friendly to our end user and world.