Sprinter Van Conversions by Esplori

Go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want!

Sprinter Van Conversions by Esplori

Sprinter Van Conversions by Esplori

Sprinter Van Conversions by Esplori

Sprinter Van Conversions by Esplori

Sprinter Van Conversions by Esplori

Sprinter Van Conversions

Inspired by the big, beautiful outside world around us, we started Esplori Sprinter Van Conversions because we are passionate about sharing a modern, adventurous lifestyle and supporting experiences that connect us to more than just our everyday routine. We encourage adventure, exploration, and travel — time spent that shapes and builds unique memories.

Simply put, we believe you can take it with you. Whoever you are, you truly can enjoy a better, more fulfilling and authentically “you” life. You can go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want. Right now! And the easiest way to get there is parked just outside your front door.

Our Specialties

Sprinter Van Interiors

Our Sprinter van interiors include soundproofing, recycled plastic insulation, and our custom engineered aluminum wall panels and ceiling panels. 40% the weight of traditional plywood and carpet, these panels are recyclable, easy to clean, fireproof, and powder coated (in the color of your choice) to eliminate VOCs.

For Sprinter seats, we are a provider of the European pull-tested bench seats which convert into a bed, produced by Smart Beds. We design and build our own custom kitchen cabinetry, offering a variety of options including fridges for your van conversion. We offer several bed options including the MOAB bed, and several flooring options including the aluminum Terracamper sprinter flooring system for the ultimate in flexibility.

Visit our Sprinter Van Interiors page for more details on how we can create an interior that works for your needs.

Sprinter Van Exteriors

Sprinter van exteriors are an open canvas. Aluminum for weight or steel for strength, we can add racks, bumpers, ladders, light bars, nerf bars, surf poles, rear door storage, wheels and tires, trailer hitches, and awnings. Choose any or all options that best suit your preferred look and function.

Visit our Sprinter Van Exteriors page to explore our roof racks, windows, ladders, awnings, and other exterior options for your van conversion.

Sprinter Electrical

Our approach to Sprinter Van electrical systems is one of simplicity and function. We aim to get our tribe out in the remote places where they can take on new adventures and experience wild places. Lithium batteries are the foundation of every electrical system installed by Esplori. If you never think about your electrical system then we’ve done our job.

We have options for battery upgrade systems with or without solar panels, interior and exterior lighting upgrades, cabin heating systems, and more to discuss in Sprinter Electrical section. 

Van Conversions

Driven by our focus on long-term customer relationships and satisfaction, our Sprinter van conversions are designed and assembled with the highest quality components possible.

Camper Van Conversions

Environmentally conscious Sprinter conversions built to inspire your next adventure. No matter your travel plans, our goal is to help you meet new people and see new places in a comfortable, low-impact vehicle.